“Vive la France”

Born wearing heels and carrying a purse, Nathalie Charles is from Besancon, a city in the east of France between Champagne and Burgundy near Switzerland. 

She was raised in a small village outside the city where her father, a cattle farmer, made cider and liquors from fruits and her mother crafted magical preserves, pates and pastries.

The traditional French Catholic upbringing brought a daily life consisting of fresh vegetables, poultry and meats from the farm while the city provided a superior education in art, music and literature.  Nathalie’s natural passions for cuisine and fashion were centuries in the making!

“La Ville Lumiere”

Armed with her sales skills developed as a teenager selling cosmetics, Nathalie left the countryside for the magnificence of Paris and began a 15 year career in pharmaceutical sales with GlaxoSmithKline. 

From her terrace overlooking the Eiffel tower, Nathalie enjoyed the Parisian life consisting of haute cuisine, high fashion and fine art.  The exquisite shopping satisfied her desires of indulgence.  Dining and entertaining appeased her appetite for “la belle vie”.  Now evolved as a Parisian, she perfected the art of life, working and vacationing throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.


“L’art de Vivre”

What followed only happens in the city of lights!  She met an American in Paris on the Champs Elysees, fell in love and began a new adventure.  

Nathalie’s journey brought her to Saint Augustine where she married Michael on a yacht, surrounded by dolphins in view of the Great Cross. Moving to the nation’s oldest city was the perfect place for a French woman as she fell in love with the Florida lifestyle.

Traveling with her husband as he worked, Nathalie has spent the past 15 years touring the country, learning the language and living the culture.

She’s also had the pleasure of guiding her husband throughout all the regions of France where he discovered a unique and fantastic way of life.

“Vivre comme un Roi!”

Having mastered the best of both worlds, Nathalie wants to share her experiences with you and offer insight born only to a true French woman. Subscribe today to learn more about French cuisine, wine, fashion, home décor and travel.

Live like a king!

 A Bientot!